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Iron Pentacle

Taught with Iris Misciagna

In Basic Elements of Magic we explored the 5 elements as the natural powers that surround us in our earth and our bodies. In Earth we learned that the pentacle is a representation of our body and our birthright to the powers, responsibilities, and blessings of the earth.

In the Iron Pentacle series we will work with the tool of the pentacle by learning how to run the energy of a pentacle in our bodies and our lives allowing each point to influence and enlighten us. The Iron Pentacle is a tool of empowerment. Each of its points embodies a quality of humanity--a power that is ours by right. If there are ways we have lost sight of these powers, or been taught we cannot access them, the iron pentacle helps us reclaim our relationship to these birthrights through the activation of the five points: sex, self, passion, pride, and power. The Iron Pentacle is a teaching that comes from Reclaiming tradition and a pentacle that has brought change and healing to many who have used it.