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Working with Queer Ancestors and Allies

Taught by Larry Savides and Ebony Galluzzo

Friday Dec. 15th, 6-8:30  Cost: $35-$45 sliding scale

How do our Queer Allies support and guide us as we open to our most authentic nature that is our Queer Spirit?  How do we celebrate and connect with the Queer ones that have gone before us, those that paved the way for the beauty and benefits we experience today?  In this class we will dive into these questions using trance, writing exercises, and discussion.  We will focus on celebrating and honoring the Queer ancestors of the past, and connecting with with the Queer ally that loves us beyond all reason to help us do the work of the present.  This class is open to everyone! Yes, really, you are queer enough to have queer ancestors and allies.

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